About Me

Hi, I am Tafami. This is my corner here in Neocities. Why am I here, freeloading, and not hosting my own website? Three Things. Lack of Money, Time and Skills. So yeah. That's it.

Born on the Glorious year of 2003 in the third world country of Philippines.

I am currently a freshman student taking an Accountancy course. A college course I decided to take on a whim. (Computer Science does not have any demand in my country. Going abroad will be difficult. I thought that self-learning programming and some web development was easy.

I have always wanted to learn how to be good at drawing, but when I tried drawabox, it felt difficult and then academic stuff caught up and time slipped past my fingers.

A young dumb adult with a brain of a addict. (Hold your guns, officers. All I'm addicted to are Pointless Trash YouTube Vids and Shitty Shounen and other Trash Manga and Manhwa)

PS. English is not my primary language so that explains the unusual composition/structure and wrong grammer here and there.