Fast as Faq

I love fast responsive shit. I abhor things taking too long, especially when the job can just be done in an instant. That was the reason why I ditched Windows 10 on my newish 1 year-old laptop on 2017.

When I brought this laptop on 2016, it runs not-so-slow. (What do you mean it should run fast since it was brand new? It was a low-end shit with the price tag of a midspec shit. Welcome to a third-world country.)

So yeah, it was not that slow at first. A few pre-installed bloatware courtesy of Lenovo and McAfee was there. I thought that antivirus was good, found out after a few months that a functioning brain and windows defender is enough security against the malware-infested web.

A laptop armed with VLC to play some pirated anime with the cracked shit of a software of Microsoft Office, courtesy of an uncle, it was ready for school (I appreciated it at that time. That laptop was bought for school and academic stuff, of course I need MS Word and Powerpoint. I haven't heard yet of LibreOffice and OpenOffice at that time.)

After a Year of Use

After a year of use, it was agonizingly slow. It boots up, but after two minutes. It opens word, but also slow. It even has problems opening up other Word Documents that are made in a different version of MS Word. Like, why??? People (usually) pay for you, for this product, to view and edit documents. Why???

Pictures. Moving those goddamn pictures in Microsoft Word kills every hope of a sleep-deprived highschooler with a task to submit on the next morning. Moving a single picture in your aesthetically made word document turns it into a vegetable.

I was determined to get to the bottom of the problem. I backed up my important stuff on an external hard drive. Mostly docx and pdf files, and anime (cringe-worthy or at least trash, looking back on it).

And did what every reasonable dumb kid will do. Reinstalled Windows 10.

And then I'm back at it. It runs fast, or as fast as it did a year ago. And restored my backed up documents and other files and stuff.

Then it hit me. I do not have a copy of the Microsoft Office Suite. That is the most important software in my laptop. What the hell am I supposed to do with a laptop without MS Word? My mom would throw this this laptop in the trash if she knew that I (1)reformatted the laptop, and (2) lost Microsoft Office. She will think I borked the laptop.

A out-of-this-world-scared-as-shit kid me searched for ms office suite installer on the internet. Got into getintopc(dot)com and tried to download that stuff, then read on some reddit post that it is malware infected. Cancelled that download and search for installers in torrent sites, since a reddit post adviced others to get installers in torrent sites, then after reading a few comments, there are the usual complaints of them getting virus.

So there is me. Scared of what will happen if my mom found out I turned the laptop into a useless piece of metal junk. Scared of what will happen if I put virus into my laptop. Regretting reformatting my laptop and saying to myself "you should've just go with it and not change a thing. A while ago it was slow but functional, now its fast but it dysfunctional since it can't even open a docx file."

The search for MS Office Suite Alternative

Then I realized that maybe some free alternatives of MS Office will do. I stumbled upon WPS Office. I have used it in my phone but it slows the shit down when it tries to do anything other than opening PDFs. And I also realized it was made by a Chinese company. so I crossed that one out since I care about my privacy and my files.

Then I saw Libreoffice. It was free. And it was not made by China or other dubious group of people. And it looked good. And IIRC it was a little under 200mb at that time, so I was able to donwload it in under an hour using my third world country internet speed.

I tried it, it was fast. It even allowed me to move my pictures without making a mess of my text. Like what the fuck is this glorious holy software. It is FREE, WORKS FAST ALL THE TIME, DOES NOT ASK ME FOR LICENSE, DOES NOT SHIT MY TEXT AFTER MOVING A PICTURE, AND OPENS A DOCUMENT NO MATTER WHAT VERSION OF WHAT IT WAS MADE ON *granted that it was not formatted correctly* but still, a lot better compared to MS Word straight up not opening that file.

And that is how I started using FOSS Software and eventually lead me to install Manjaro Xfce.

BTW, I have been using Mint for the past few months.